The Summit Preparatory School



The Summit Preparatory School has been a part of the educational fabric of Southwest Missouri for over 10 years. Hood-Rich has provided guidance during her history as the school has moved from shared facilities to leased facilities and now to ownership. This 40,000 square foot facility was acquired in late 2017 and has been renovated for the 2018-2019 school year. The design focuses on collaborative Learning Commons to embrace the pedagogy of the school while providing flexible space to celebrate student work and foster social interactions within the learning environment. Classrooms have intentionally been left open to promote interaction while a focus on security has been strategically considered into the design. The project also incorporates renewable energy solutions and the campus features more than 4 acres of outdoor green space and recreation space. The existing facility provides growth opportunities for the school which has a current student population of approximately 150 serving pre-school through grade 12.